Wind and Rain and eventually Baseball IN the Wind and Rain….

Today I watched the wind blow and blow.. and watched the rain come and go..

I parented kids, answered the phone a dozen and a half times.. cooked, did dishes, laundry, barn chores.. fed dogs, walked dogs, let dogs in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in  and well you get the gist of THAT…

I spent the day Hoping that Baseball would be canceled.. waited till the very last minuet to get ready to go.. It was not canceled and Son played in the Wind and Rain.. The girls and I ate popcorn and watched DVD’s on the portable player in the car..That was a Gift that I will cherish for a long long time..*Note: I may have been in the car with the girls out of the wind and rain BUT had the car parked where I could SEE first base.. which Son plays.. and home base and we were parked No WHERE near OUT of stray/foul ball range so it STILL COUNTED as a positive parenting moment even tho I was IN the car.. LOL.

Today was the VERY ..last,.. last day my dog Mandy could have POSSIBLY presented me with puppies and alas.. did not.. three wonderful ladies are going to be SO VERY disappointed.. I may try with a different stud for Christmas Season puppies.. or not.. I am rather sad.

This face says..sorry mom, no babies.."That's ok darlin.."

You just go have a rest.. It is exhausting just being you.. HECK.. it is exhausting just watching you most days..

Darn Good Rester.. None Better.. I could watch her for hours.. and I do some nights.

Got things to do TOMORROW.. Dentist for one of the kids.. taking my spinning wheel to my dads to show my step mom how to spin..stopping on the way home to drop Son’s compound bow off to get it re-strung..

for I am not all that silent all that often..

Off to Spin the Black Sheep

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