winter “things to do” and Internet Etiquette??

I will start with

Winter “things to do”

We have had a Storm forecast being thrown at us all week..


8 to 10 inches of snow!!!

no wait.. only 4 to 6..

WAIT… it could be up to TWO FEET!!

Just could NOT help myself

and with the LACK of snow this winter even I got caught up in the fervor and did some “Prepping” lol   because


Is what we Imagine is going to happen


SO, I make sure I have plenty of Milk.. at least 6 gallons.. and plenty of food and some gas for the small generator that will run the furnace fan… and I go out and make sure the stalls in the barn are clean and ready .. They were not so I fixed that right up because there is supposed to be some NASTY HIGH WINDS after the snow.. and I want the girls in when that comes… THEN I finished my three-day project of shoveling the 1/10 mile driveway of the last snow and have Exhausted myself  beyond words.. well, not literally.. because I am here.. and I am making the words.. lol

And I realized something..OMG.. I do not need to freak out.. I am used to this “Snow” stuff and will do just fine.. I can park the car at the END of the driveway and the snow will eventually.

1. Melt

2. get plowed

3. I will shovel it

and till then I can walk to the car and back and it will not harm me or the kids..



Or more specifically Chat etiquette on messengers and FB..

AND I am NOT talking about my one certain BEST friend.. YOU are except from this..

Am I the Only one who thinks it is RUDE when you are chatting or talking to someone on a messenger to have that other person just “Poof” disappear without a word.. for minuets or even days at a time?  I mean if you were sitting at a coffee shop talking would a person just get up and walk away without a word? or if you were having a phone conversation would it be ok for the other person to put the phone down without a word?

What makes it ok to do that on the internet?

and again.. I am not talking about/to you Best friend.. when you do that I KNOW what you are doing.. OR I am going to go do that also..  and if it is important to keep talking I will call you.. text you.. messenger your husband or text your kids or freaking come over to your house.. LOL

I am talking about other people who are not my close and dear friends.. people who WANT to be my friend and are making a crappy impression..

And I think I am going to say something.. NOTHING like the rant I just laid bare here.. lol.. but something..


there is other stuff..

Husband had his drinking binge last weekend.. it was really stressful but I made it through ok.. (thank you my friends.. ) and then he left on Tuesday and I have not heard ONE WORD from him.. He is either PISSED at me.. or feeling guilty.. and I can tell you.. he does not know how to feel guilty.. and I do not care if he is pissed.

It has been blessedly quiet around here.

go ahead jackass.. don’t call.. LOL.. it bothers me NOT ONE BIT..

and so.. I am going back to minor winter storm prepping… resting when I can.. all the heavy work has me very very tired..

back soon..

Black Sheep


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