best parts of my day

* Snow!.. Plenty of it. Not as much as was predicted.. but enough to dampen the world and make things quiet and soft.

* Baby Girl explaining to Son that the dog sits with me and not him “because mommy is cuddly”

* My dad calling.  For no reason at all other than to chat with me. It’s like he knows when I just need to hear from my dad.

* FRIENDS!! and our fantastic ability to use the internet to have FUN.. LOL

Going to make a supply run tomorrow or Tuesday.. which ever day the roads are best and then settle in for a bigger storm predicted for Tuesday evening through Wednesday..

I have not heard from my husband since he walked out the door last week.. I did call dispatch and ask where he was and where he was headed and the kids called him and talked to him when I was out at the barn so I know he is ok.. I have no desire what so ever to speak to him.. and I have no anxiety about his lack of desire to speak to me.. ok.. maybe a little anxiety.. but only because it is such a HUGE deviation from his usual routine of calling incessantly.. time will tell the tale.. but I am betting he will come home next week like nothing happened and see if he can  get away with drinking here.. He won’t.

Off to bed.. Choosing Happy

Black Sheep

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One Response to best parts of my day

  1. Leanne says:

    Happy is a great choice. Good luck!

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