I FEEL lazy…

and not.. I don’t feel like doing anything lazy…

I feel like I did nothing lazy.

I feel like I did not do much but lay down today..

Even tho I got up by 7 am, made coffee, fed all the dogs, let them in and out and in and  out – all day.., watered all the plants, made breakfast for several kids, did dishes, laundry, went outside and did chores, hauled in wood, fed the fire all day, cooked lunch, did dishes, cleaned stalls, hauled 8 buckets of water, took hay out to the pasture, made dinner and did dishes, read story books, picked up toys, moved my car down the driveway and walked back, hauled more wood… and dozens of things in between.

and between all these things I HAD to rest.. or I would have fallen over where I stood. and that makes me feel LAZY!

even tho I know I am not.

I FEEL exhausted and have felt this way since I got out of bed this morning.. like someone switched my regular coffee for Negative caffeine.. lol

and I just want to go to bed and go to sleep.

and I think that is just what I shall do.

It will either be snowing when I get up.. or it won’t. lol

Black Sheep

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