My Cell Phone is no longer my Watch

It has bothered me for a few years that I like so many people have been using my cell phone to tell the time instead of a wrist watch.

In my case it is because my darling Pulsar was stolen and I did not have the money to replace it.. and I refused to buy some cheap irritating piece of crap just to have a watch.


Last fall I stopped at an Estate Sale and was looking for old non-working watches to make jewelry with..

Jewelry I wanted to make

And instead of taking a watch I purchased for 25 cents apart I decided to see if it worked and not only does it WORK.. but it is a wind up and keeps perfect time!

and it looks good on my wrist..


So.. despite the mild anxiety of my husband STILL not calling.. I am dong well.. I went ANGRY shovel shopping yesterday evening.. lol.. BIG ERROR.. Never do that.  I did come home with 2 new shovels AND I am also happy to say with all this snow shoveling I have dropped 3 pounds!

and now I am off to break in my new shovels… and prepare for the next big storm that is due tonight.. 5 to 12 inches is predicted.

at least I will be able to tell what time it starts.. no matter what. .LOL

Black sheep.. still choosing happy

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One Response to My Cell Phone is no longer my Watch

  1. Leanne says:

    Pretty! Good shopping! And I hope we don’t get any snow….

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