Tune in tomorrow for EPIC teenage explosion

That’s right folks..
Tomorrow after son leaves for school I am putting a password on the WIFI and when he comes home the shit is going to hit the fan.

Tonight I was trying to text someone and was not getting a signal downstairs so I went upstairs and sat quietly on the couch with my book and I SHIT YOU NOT..from his bedroom he says to me
“Don’t I have to try to sleep with that light on enough when dad is home?
Who do you have to text at this time of night anyway?
Who could you be texting at 10:30?”

I am VERY VERY VERY unhappy lately with his attitude and I am DONE DONE DONE providing him with stuff he wants while he treats me like I am a naughty lazy child..
I would password it tonight but but the confrontation in the morning would be very bad for the girls.. He treats his sister like crap when eh is mad.. I will put this of for her sake only.

I am just itching to password protect the WIFI and see how that fixes his little red rude holier than thou wagon!!

black sheep

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