This is NOT a democracy


This is MY ship and I am DICK

I could not figure out how to password protect the WIFI today so I unplugged the damn thing.. and

round and round and round and round we went…

The little SOB even got in my face.. told me he hated me.. did not want to live here any more..

and OMG.. when I told him I paid for all the things he enjoys.. he tried to say no.. his father does.. and LOL.. OMG.. I set his ass straight on that one..

THEN he attempted to insinuate he could and would pit his father and I against each other..

Pardon me while I go laugh till I throw up.. cuz that is how hard I laughed before.. and I feel it coming on again.. brb


I have a super crappy rotten marriage.. my husband is a terrible husband..and not a very good father.. I probably am not a great wife.. but.. I tell him what the kid said and even HE LAUGHED.. and then I told my husband “I don’t care how crappy a relationship we have.. where these kids are concerned.. You and I.. aww.. hell.. YOU just agree with whatever the hell I tell you and do it with a serious look in your eye.. Ok.. ”

he said “OK”

and he meant it.. because this parenting thing.. It is beyond him.. and I believe it scares him..

So.. the snowmobile is parked.. the WIFI is on when I want it to be on .. when son is being respectful and polite..and the upstairs TV.. that is the next to be pulled for disrespectful behavior.. I am calling the Direct tv people tomorrow to find out how to put a lock on the receiver.. so HA!

so far.. at least no one is bleeding..

Black Sheep

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One Response to This is NOT a democracy

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh, I hear you. Good luck!

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