the Ballad of Lucy Jordan

I have been shoveling snow.. doing a lot of thinking.. soul-searching… I have lost 9 1/2 pounds in the past 13 days as a bonus..

I used to spend a lot of time outside before I had baby girl.. but when she came along she hated any wind and it confined us to the house a lot.. and that combined with the MS episode.. well. .lets just say it was not very good for me.

The amount of time I have been outside working my muscles and brain while baby girl played has helped me clear my mind and see and feel some things I was missing.

A friend I have been talking to send me a youtube video and said it reminded him of me.. minus the suicide part.. and for some silly reason it warmed my heart.


he was home for three days and got drunk.. was disruptive, the first thing he did was swear at SON and threaten to take away his snowmobile.. and son got to witness first hand how I redirect the crap and take the heat and make his father stop acting like a narcissistic 4 year old.   It was a learning moment for the boy.

*My husband came home when we were out shoveling.. about 1/3 of the way done.. and he went in the house for 40 minuets and came out and I shit you not.. he shoveled his parking spot and went back in the house..

that’s all I have for the moment..

Black Sheep….

not only choosing happy.. wanting it thrown at me so I can bathe in it.

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One Response to the Ballad of Lucy Jordan

  1. Katelyn says:

    “he shoveled his parking spot…” This is exactly the kind of thing AS husbands do.

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