what I would have done before.. what I am doing now..

Sitting here this morning.. feeling pretty good mentally and physically.. and decided to look through some of the recording on my DVR for something special for the girls and I to watch tonight..

and WTF!?!!?

Porn.. Yep.. my husband purchased porn and recorded it to our family DVR..

long sad         (((…sigh…)))

once upon a time I would have cried.. gotten angry.. fought with him about it.. been hurt beyond words..

Oh don’t get me wrong.. I am ANGRY.. it is SO. NOT. OK. to watch this stuff in this house and to record it and leave it where our children could find it?!?!?!  is just beyond comprehension..

But I just deleted it.. cleared the history.. Said a long prayer of thanks that my children did not see this filthy garbage.. and I am going to call the satellite company and see if I can block the viewing and purchase of this stuff..

I went upstairs checked that tv/dvr and did 30 minutes of yoga..

came here to unload this.. I refuse to allow this to weigh me down today.

I told you things would not be getting easy..

but I am moving on with my day..

oh.. and when he comes home.. I am saying nothing.. not a word.. just going to take the $10.99 out of his wallet to pay for this filth.. it is NOT coming out of the household budget.. he can go hungry out on the road for a 1/2 a day..

Black Sheep

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One Response to what I would have done before.. what I am doing now..

  1. Michelle says:

    Another great post and a pat on the back; I repeat: Power to the ladies!

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