Just moving along…

He came and he went and I made do.

It as not hard and it was not easy.

I am spending my time with my kids, doing Yoga, and not just cleaning my house but cleaning it out.. just too much crap in here.    It is spring early here and I am LOVING doing yard work and spending time at the barn.

I am back to spending quality time with friends and going places and beginning to do things I enjoy again.   Just yesterday I picked up and headed to town for no reason and visited my brothers new place of business and then went to my dads to visit..

I feel like I am beginning to once again own that part of me that I should.. that I might not just be existing in the moment.. and I hope it continues.

Off to see what things today brings to me.

btw.. a weight loss of 18 pounds in 30 days!!

Black Sheep

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2 Responses to Just moving along…

  1. TiredMama1 says:

    Go slow, baby steps will get you where you need to be. but it sounds like you’re doing well…:) Stay happy.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love the line in your header; it’s a great theme!

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