doing things the right way…

Quit smoking completely.

Eating right.

Doing two forms of Yoga.

small amount of weights.. to build upper body strength.

Started running..

and I am NOT gonna screw this up.

Today I just walked.  2 miles

I am not sure what my exact plan is in regards to how often I will run.. but I am thinking it should be no more often than 4 x a week up to a mile each time at least for the first few weeks.. and I will see how I feel.

I would like to see myself running 3 to 4 miles at a time with ease.. I just do not know how long it should take me to work up to this without injuring myself.

and to help me stick to this “Plan”  I got out the book on mp3 I bought a while back and put it on my Kindle and can ONLY listen to it when I walk.. there is over 35 hours of this book.. Under the Dome by Stephen King.. lol.. I can walk EVERY DAMN DAY..

(………If I ever win the lottery.. and I mean the BIG lottery.. I will pay Mr King.. (or donate to his favorite charity ).. I will pay.. to have Mr King.. read me a Bed Time Story.. me.. all tucked into bed.. and Mr King.. sitting in a comfy leather chair next to my bed.. a fire in the fire place across the room.. and Mr Stephen King.. reading me a story.. one that will keep me awake for nights and nights on end.. LOL.. so.. now you know one of my deep dark secrets..)

Yea.. I bought a mega millions for Fridays drawing.. keep your fingers crossed.

so.. I have to say.. all of this is feeling really good.

and I also have to say.. it is pissing my husband off in a big way.

the only surprise here is that he is noticing at all.. and the only reason he is… is because he’s not getting the attention he usually gets from me.

I am down 20 pounds from 29 days ago.. I am sure I lost more but I have built some muscle..

off to clean house.. party here this weekend..

Black Sheep

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2 Responses to doing things the right way…

  1. Good luck! You can do it 🙂

    • Black Sheep says:

      ya know… for the first time in YEARS… I believe I can.. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to get I can run.
      thank you…
      Black sheep..

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