time.. time.. and more time…

all my time is taken up with the average every day things..

so, I get up earlier in the morning and get some of them done..

so that I can do some things for me.

Friday.. Up at 5 am…  I walked on my treadmill.. 3 miles and ran just over 1/2 mile.  Then baby Girl and I went to town and went shopping.. had a Fabulous lunch with a friend .. went shopping some more and came home and took a nice nap..

Saturday I walked 2 and 1/4  miles on the treadmill in the morning and just about 2 miles outside in the afternoon with my friend.

This morning.. 1 and 1/2 mile walk and just over 1/2 mile run… but in all fairness.. I feel slightly crappy this morning.. did a little drinking yesterday.. lol.. so I did make myself run just a little tiny bit further.. lol

My scale says no loss of weight for 3 or 4 days.. BUT.. I grabbed the wrong jeans yesterday.. ones that I could not easily button last week.. and did not realize they were the wrong jeans for 5 minutes.. LOL.. .because they not only FIT.. but are just a little loose..

I was unsure if I would really REALLY keep up this running… but when I was running this morning.. and yea.. I know I am not running far.. yet… I was really really enjoying myself.. had a moment when my feet left the ground.. before he other one hit.. thought..”I can do this.. again and again and again” and I kept on doing it..

It has been a very long time since I have done anything for me.. since I have been proud of myself..  since my life has meant anything to me for me.

I will keep doing this.. I was sure of it during the strides this morning.. during that one moment when I was not bound to the earth for that fleeting second.

Black Sheep

Nothing makes an old mare and pony happier than a herd of little girls with brushes and treats..

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