Welcome to Yoga Week

Last week I was seriously dedicated to the long walk and running thing.  I added it all up for the last week.. I walked 19 miles and ran 2 and 3/4 miles and did yoga twice.

This week my best friend.. Yoga.  I still plan to walk.. a lot.. but running will be strictly held to 1/4 to 1/2 mile.. no more than 3x this week.

Yoga on the other hand I miss terribly.. and plan to get it in every day.

I did a stupid “no no” last night.. one that most with MS know not to do.. but one I could not resist.. I filled my bathtub with scented Epsom salts and took a long.. hot… soak… and that kind of heat might bring on fatigue and a host of other MS symptoms.. I am however hoping that I can have gotten away with it.. just this once.

My littlest one was sick with a cold over the weekend.. and now my other munchkins are still home this Monday morning.. lol.. in bed.. with a cold… I believe a pot of chicken soup is on the menu..   We all have so much going on later this week.. each of us wants to get better fast..

lets just see how all my plans work out.. LOL.. cuz we all know how things go when you PLAN..

Black Sheep

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One Response to Welcome to Yoga Week

  1. TiredMama1 says:

    Chicken soup sounds like a plan that can’t go too far wrong. Good luck getting everyone better!

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