I have to admit..

I slacked on the yoga last week.. and this week.. even tho I KNEW I needed it.. I felt like “meh”.. till I got home from class last night.. Not that this yoga class is so great..

in fact it is rather boring..

It certainly does not challenge me..


I felt like it got me back into the groove I needed to be in..

and I did some Yoga before I went to bed.. The yoga that makes me feel good.. and I did 40 minutes of Yoga this morning.. and then I walked for 20 minutes.. and I really feel good..

I wish I had time to run today..

I just don’t..

I should have time for Yoga tomorrow morning.. and when I get home tomorrow.. I WILL walk and run.. I already miss it..

I am off to have FUN today… to visit with friends and relax.. things that I so rarely get to do..

and.. not a word from my husband.. yesterday he was calling and calling and then … nothing.. and I am not going to let it bother me.. if he does call, I will answer ONCE.. let him know I am busy.. and that I will call him back when I am not.. I know how this would go “once upon a time”  he would call DOZENS upon DOZENS of times till I stopped enjoying myself..

Not. This. Time.

Black Sheep

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