I know one.. two.. things I will never be..

1. body builder
2. power lifter

These are some AWESOME and Super Dedicated people.. some of them are even older than I am.. but I just do not ever see it for myself.

But HAY.. that is ok.. I do plan on learning more from my friend who is the above things.. and spend more time with her.. so I can soak in the atmosphere.. lol

I DO plan however to dig out the weights I have around here Somewhere.. and add some to my routine..

I did some Power Yoga Thursday morning and went walking before I headed out.. and I walked at least 2 miles Thursday evening..

I HURT like heck today.. and took the day off.. and feel not one bit guilty that the only exercise I had today was a short walk with my girls..

That is all for tonight.. I am TIRED..
Black Sheep

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