..so, where were we?

oh yea.. Yesterday I believe it was…….. .

and actually it was the night before that I had been talking to my youngest brother on fb.. at like 1 am..thank god we were not drinking.. who knows what we could have.. probably would have hatched if we had been.. lol..

but anyhow.. we got to talking about the iPod I got.. *whole nother story that I will get to a little further down the page.. lol   and the ZOMBIE’S RUN program I want to get.. the reason I got an iPod in the first place and then I mentioned that there is a 5K Zombie run/obstacle course in Minneapolis in June and OMG.. my little brother not only knew about it but wanted to go!!!!    I told him I did not think I could be ready in just 8 weeks.. and we talked about going together next year..


and that was that… or so I thought.  One of my best friends jumped into the fb conversation.. she lives in the cities and said if my brother and I were gonna do it.. she was gonna.. It has the makings of an EPIC FREAKING PARTY!!! and I figured WHT.. lets do this.. and plans.. PLANS were made.. and .. and.. then.. broke.. by yesterday afternoon.. friend realized that she would not have the money for the reg fee.. I realized I would not have the money.. or be able to borrow a car to make the 4 hour trip.. and baby brother would have to work.. …(sigh.. sob..)

One year and 51 days from now.. My brother is taking vacation.. My friend and I will have all the money saved and babysitters and cars and lodging all arranged and paid for way way in advance.. and I will be MORE than ready. PLANS are being made.. and it WILL be an EPIC PARTY!!

On to the STUPID iPod story.. I wanted to get an iPod to use a running program called ZOMBIE’S RUN  and I looked pretty carefully at the requirements and saw I needed an iPod touch.. 3rd generation.. and I went and got a used one.. and the damn wifi did not work.. ok.. ok.. I could take it back.. got another one.. got home.. and found out that the iPod touch 3rd generation 8 Gig WILL NOT WORK because it CAN NOT update to the IOS5..

DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to sell this thing.. or return it.. it is a wonderful perfectly working nice looking iPod.. but it will not run the ONE DAMN THING I BOUGHT IT FOR!!

and then I am going to go get one that will run the Zombie’s Run..

This better be the Best Damn Running game EVER!! or I am going to be PISSED.. lol

Yesterday I did not ONE bit of exercise.. I went to town.. bought a new hot water heater.. had lunch with a friend.. did a little shopping and came home and played with my kids.. stayed up too late chatting and OMG.. I got the kids off to school this morning.. went back to bed.. thinking “oh.. I will just lay here for a few..” and did not get up till TEN!!!  omg.. feel like I missed half the day.. but I guess I needed it.. or I would not have slept it.

I am off now.. I have a bit of yoga and walking to do.. then chores to do.. and dishes to ignore.. lol.. no hot water ya  know.. and then walking this afternoon at my friends before I go to yoga class..

It is strange.. how once I decided that it really did not hurt.. what my husband did to me the  other night.. because it really did not hurt.. that it did not effect me.. I mean it was disrespectful.. and wrong of him.. but he cannot break what he broke a long long time ago.. and it is not wrong of me to not sit here and not cry about it. and if people do not understand that.. well.. I cannot help that either.

off I go.. Black Sheep

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