run, walk. cook, clean.. HOT WATER makes it all good

Just quick;y checking in..
Been walking.. at least 3 miles a day
Running.. not so much.. just about 1/2 mile 3x a week..
I have felt like crap for a few days.. and I blame it on my kids and the Crazy weather.. 70 one day.. and 25 and 3 inches of snow and ice the next..
Today I cooked and cleaned and walked on my treadmill.. made sure the mares were snug in the barn..
and used a LOT of hot water.. and then turned it up even HOTTER!!
and then
at 5.. but I had dinner on the stove and cookies fresh out of the oven.. so I went to bed.. and am much better now.. I think.. eyesight still not so good..
Lots to do tomorrow.. hope it all comes together..
Black Sheep

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