Back in the Saddle.. “mending and fixing and filling the broken places”

and I just realized.. I should have titled this post

“mending and fixing and filling the broken places”  and so I shall..

today was a BUSY one.. walked 2 1/2 miles, ran one, walked 2 miles and did 70 min of yoga..


I got out to RIDE today.. I have not been able to do that in SO LONG.. and were talking at least 2 years..but honestly.. more like 3.. but closer to 4.. wait.. I am sure I putzed around in the pasture on some equine in there somewhere.. I am SURE of it..

But honestly again.. I was so sick.. for so long.. and after my gelding died.. 3 years ago.. both the mare and I lost our heart for riding.. not to mention I could barely walk or talk much less ride..

I walked out to the pasture.. groomed her.. put the saddle on her.. and we did some ground work.. but she HATED that wonder bit.. it was my gelding favorite.. and so I searched the barn for her headstall with her bit.. and could not find it.. but I did find the Bosel I used to rider her in… and figuring I had wasted enough time.. and that worst that could happen is I could get dumped on my ass.. I grabbed it.

She pulled her old tricks.. walking away ever time I tried to put my foot in the stirrup.. and I did just what I used to do.. “Made her walk.. if she wants to work instead of stand still.. work she shall”  and then one time I put my foot in the stirrup.. and she stood still and HOT DAMN.. I swung my other leg up and over  and we were both like.. “REALLY?!?!?!?”  How did that happen?”

and she backed up.. and I and she crow hopped.. and I relaxed.. and she reared.. I hung on.. what are you nuts??!!  and she started to listen.. and we walked and turned.. and then I hopped off her..

and then we did it all again..

and I cannot wait to do it again..

and when I got home from Yoga class tonight.. she was calling for me.. over and over.. and so I went to see what was wrong.. how she could be out of hay already.. and nothing was wrong.. she was not out of hay.. (sniffle) she missed me.. it was like the old felt like it used to..

The pictures are not in the right order.. but I consider myself damn lucky that wordpress let me upload them at all.. wordpress has not been working right for me for 10 days.. lol

but these are of our ride today..  Me and Paris

black sheep

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