smoking hot saddle..

I not only cleaned my saddle.. I found the breast collar I thought I lost..

I knew I needed the stirrup mended.. hence the purple vet wrap.. but I found another spot that needs stitching.. but I think it will be find for the summer.

Took me 3 hours to get every inch of it cleaned.. twice.  and I think I could probably go over it a third time.. but my hands are a mess.  but I am really happy with how it turned out.. and I feel way less guilty about neglecting my stuff.. and Surprise of all surprises.. once upon a time. .I worked and had money.. and only one child.. and I apparently had plenty of money to throw around on things like $120.00 black sheepskin saddle pads.. and I FOUND IT!!!  and My Ass is going to be so comfortable..

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I did walk today.. 2 miles.. no run.. and 30 minutes of yoga.. groomed my horse.. spent 3 hours cleaning a saddle..

and a fair bit of not completely unnecessary wallowing in self pity.. holy wow am I good at that.. but my dogs.. Tigger and Patty.. are really good at assisting me.. in and out of the self pity wallow..

hoping for a nice weekend.. want to ride and run.. and get some things done.

Black Sheep

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