and some more..

SO.. not only do I have to sit here all night making sure my Drunk husband does not burn food.. or the house down..
I have a seriously drunk chronic alcoholic of a brother who likes to make life a living hell for EVERYONE.. especially our mother with whom he lives..

So I.. lucky person that I am..

Got to listen to him yell and scream nasty things at her.. ( I was on the phone and live far away or I would have busted his mouth) and threaten her cat.. and throw things.. and tell her untrue and mean things about me.. so as to make her feel alone and as hurt as possible.. you know how them drunks are.. I have to listen to all this till she decided to go to a shelter for the night..

SO..listen up drunks..

“If you must drink.. and you must I suppose.. Go home, go to bed, and leave the rest of us the HELL ALONE.. oh, and quit trying to cook.. you are not capable when you can barely stand!!”

I really need a few hours of sleep cuz even tho I cannot go work out tomorrow.. I do still have to go grocery shopping and now I have to go somehow soothe my mother..


almost makes me want a almost.

Black sheep

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