way bad

cannot believe I thought i could out run, out walk, out ride,out yoga and out think MS.

It started 9 days ago..

I have a twisted vertebra in my neck an also an MS lesion right there in my spine.  And I foolishly thought I could fight it by sheer will alone and I lost. .big time and way bad.

Pain has been my constant companion while this disease does it work.

I have been in bed for two days now and am just getting back on my feet.. my eyesight and thinking are suffering.

I will be back on my feet tomorrow and have some plans for the weekend. but they will not include anything that involves working out.

and funny..how this MS crap effects me emotionally also.. and I think that is the part i HATE the most.   ordinarily I would have handled all the crap my family threw at me last weekend just fine.. and with the MS flair and the DAMN PAIN just did not..

I fell apart and still have not managed to pull myself back together yet.

let see how the weekend of rest and relaxation go.. and hope I can get back on my feet quick..

Black Sheep


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