loooonnnnngggg day.. errrr week..

husband was home for 5 days..

and he was a jackass the entire 5 days..

did NOTHING!! Absolutely not one thing..

drank.. slept.. watched tv.. bitched at me..

ya know.. but other than that..


and had the brass balls to call me after he left for work..

(after I called when one of my tired blew out.. and he ignored my calls for help.  Fixed it myself I did.. so THERE!! )

and bitch that we did not “spend any time together”  well duuu!! you moron.. I have no desire to “spend time” with a drinking jackass.  Then he bitched that it cost him 2 days work.. trying to blame me!!

I do not accept the blame.. I told him that.. so he moved on to the usual $$ issues.. and I made him do the math.. and again refused to accept the blame. “Whatever”

I went to the Neuro doc this morning.. had x-rays..(no need for a new ct scan.. thank god.. those things are spendy!!) had coffee with a friend  (Left my glasses there)  this is one of the problems I am having that is MS related.. I can see better some times without my glasses.. and so I take them off.. put them down.. and forget them.. ((sigh)).. then went to Physical therapy and the Chiropractor..

I am fighting this MS episode with everything I have and can.  The Neuro thinks I am managing pretty well considering all the stress I live with.. It looks like I might come out of this one with minimal damage..

I can keep running..and walking.. I can do More Yoga.. I can keep riding.. I can mega dose on the vitamins I have always used.. and I am researching a new one thought to help.. it is I think.. a form of glucosamine..  I just have to see the PT and chiropractor a few times over the next 3 to 4 weeks.. and again immediately if my neck hurts again.

I came home to a blessedly empty house.. but OMG what a disaster.. I have to go get new rims and some tires for my car tomorrow.. but the rest of the week will be spent cleaning this horrendous mess.

Damn Fine looking horse.

I rode my mare today.. OUT of the Pasture.. and it was wonderful.. and this evening I went for a one mile run.. and it was pretty good.. I run to UB40.. and secretly with EVERYONE loved them as much and as loud as I do.. lol


And O!M!G!  he wont stop calling.. now that pissing me off over money or lack of sex or his drinking did not work. .he has decided he is going to give me parenting advice.. ya know.. like when Son spoke to me VERY disrespectfully this weekend.. and he sat there and let him.. for 15 minutes.. and hours later.. when I told him off.. his answer.. his “parenting” was to throw Son’s tv out in the yard.. so YEA!!  I need his advice on how to parent these kids..

oh well… I am going to go.. shower.. then get these kids ready for bed.. and listen to some Meditation chants for a while..

oh yea.. and take a pain med.. lovely doc gave me a scrip for Migraine meds.. and I am having spots in my vision.. damn stress.. damn horrible husband..”just leave me alone”


off to get some things done.. wish me luck..

Black Sheep

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