an average everyday… that I am greatful for

I got up this morning.. feeling average.
no huge worries.. no sadness in my heart that I cannot deal with.. no huge joy that consumed me either but that is ok.. (that kind of thing is as energy consuming as sadness)
got the kids off to school..
went back to sleep for a while..
got up, fed my dogs then showered and began making plans for the day.. while waiting for my baby girl to wake up and ..
it hit me…
no rush
nothing consuming me
nothing rushing me
no one and nothing pulling at me
relatively pain free
it is the kind of ordinary that most people dread
but I welcome with just a hint of tears in my eyes.
I will cook and clean and walk for exercise with my friend and go shopping and go running and do barn chores and groom my horse and talk to her while I do and cook and clean some more and play on the computer and play with my kids and watch some tv and even read some books today.. and probably a few dozen other things..
and not think much about each of them or all of them..
These are days that heal..
Black Sheep

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