yea things can be HORRIBLE.. BUT..

I have to say…
I LOVE life (not always THIS life) and I would not trade mine for anyone else’s. Oh some days I am tempted.
It is a Hard hard life.. no doubt about that.. even on the best of days… but I can walk.. I can see.. my children are all healthy.
AND… I can make the decision to change things as soon as I can..
Not everyone has these options.. I do.
and days like today.. good days.. and notes in the mail from people I love.. make me realize I need to say this a little more often.
I started this blog.. idk.. so I would have a place to leave all this crap.. so I could not have to carry it around with me all the time.. and it has helped.. I kinda question my wisdom in telling anyone I know about it.. but done is done and there is not much that I do not write because of who reads..
I love you aunt em… I have my faith and it carries me far.. and I know I am loved.. even in the darkest of times.. even when I do not say it.. or sound it..
Black sheep

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