cirlces of hell

new levels of my circle of hell

Problems with my teenager.. not sure if they are typical teenage crap or something more serious.. but working on figuring it out..


My husband is the problem.

I feel like I am stuck in the “WTF” level of hell.. listening to the same wtf over and over and over and over.

when I do not pay enough attention to him.. when I detach.. go on living my life.. he has to amp things up a notch.. or 37..

Today.. he is “concerned” not about our son.. but about my parenting.  how our lack of a relationship..

and by relationship I mean I hate his drinking and do not want to have sex with him.. and he makes my life a living hell.. but.. in that light.. lol.. we have a strong one..

…is probably effecting him. .the kid…  and the cause of everything.. says I should not yell I HATE HIM in front of the kids.. but ya know.. treating me like a fucking Hooker and Whore in front of them is so ok..denying me money for bills and food and clothes for the kids is OK.. drinking till you pass out in front of the kids is OK.. but me.. saying I HATE YOU.. is not ok.. and is fucking the kids up..

I hung up.. had a good cry.. and will not answer the phone again today..

I know I am not a perfect parent.. not the greatest mom in the world.. but if ONE more person goes for my jugular today.. there is going to be more blood than just mine spilling..

Just Sayin..

I am outa here for the day.. just outa here..

Black Sheep

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