I fought the fatigue today.. going to do it again tomorrow. but who knows how long I can before i have to give in and sleep when the crushing fatigue demands it..
I only slept for 3 hours last night..
got up.. walked 1/2 mile on my tread mill at maximum incline.. 3.1 mph and carrying 2- 10 pound weights..
Walked a further 1/4 mile w/o weights
Went to friends house and we walked 3 miles.. 1 mile with 2- 5 pound weights and 2 w/o weights.
went shopping.. was STARVING.. bought some really healthy foods.. and some CRAP, came home.. at the crap.
Will check in again tomorrow.. to label and tag this post and pose some questions about abnormal teenage behaviors.. as in is it or is it not..
TIRED.. gong to bed..
Black Sheep

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