New Hat

Baby girl is sick with a cold today and all we have managed to get done is cuddle.

Yesterday we went to town to get two of the BRAND NEW tires fixed.. and the did not even give me a chance to express the truly righteous anger I had acquired..

They apologized.. promptly fixed the problems.. refunded some money.. and quickly made everything right..


so baby girl and I went to the feed store for de-wormer.. got a new curb strap.. then hit the tack store for a hat.. found a neoprene cinch for HALF PRICE!!!!!!!!!!  and a pair of riding gloves and a matching ear thingy for the horse.. again.. all for HALF PRICE!!!!!!  and I saw a hoodie I wanted so bad.. but it was $50.00  and I decided to save up.. and when I have the money and I have lost 25 more pounds I will go buy it.. it will be the most expensive hoodie I have ever owned.. but I will have earned it.

Check out my hat.. it will keep my head dry.. and the sun out of my eyes.. and it looks pretty good.

New Hat


That’s it for now.. no work out today.. feel crappy and baby girl is clingy and we are going to go cuddle till we get better.. and watch tv.. and read books.. and eat pizza for dinner..

yup.. sounds about right..

Black Sheep

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4 Responses to New Hat

  1. pondscum1 says:

    Love the hat! I hope you can remove the arrow from it, though. :>)

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I searched and searched.. LOL.. I cannot find the arrow you speak of..

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