about my weekend

I know it is Wednesday but I have to take a moment to tell you a little about my weekend.

Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to my friends house.. and it was difficult here all morning because in the past week Son’s friends.. who are my friends daughter and her daughters boyfriend.. who has been Son’s friend for most of his life.. told me some secrets about some things my Son had been doing and Son was PISSSED.. and sure his life was totally over..

I told him he should go with and he hesitated just a bit..before saying he did not want to go… and I KNEW.. he wanted to go and make up with his friends.. but did not want to admit it.. he needed me to MAKE him go..

and I did

and it took all of 15 minutes and he was smiling and laughing with his friends..

and aside from having to run home at midnight because my husband came home.. LOL.. I only stayed about 20 minutes.. and left again.. my presence was not required for very long.

aside from that. we spent the weekend with the greatest people on earth..

OMG.. I wanted to buy some wind/running type pants.. but OMG even used ones are spendy.. and OMG OMG.. my friend had 5 pair in her garage sale.. 2 were even Nike!!! and they all fit me.. OMG OMG OMG.. how great  is that!!

Exactly what I was thinking.. EXACTLY!

The entire weekend.. my friend and I were.. I SWEAR completely sober and free of any chemical influence and every. damn. word. out of our mouths were the funniest on the planet.. I have never ever laughed so much in my life..I did more “retarded seal bark tears running down my face” laughing than I can ever remember doing in my life.. I am telling you.. it was FUNNY..all of it..

and we walked at least 10 miles over the course of the weekend..

We ate some really great food.. I would share pictures of the food and my super clean car that I paid the great teenagers to wash.. but they are on my ipod and I don’t know how to get them off there.. LOL

The weekend was really good.. healing and warm and wonderful.. for my kids and myself.. and my friend.. I almost feel bad for her husband.. having to put up with us.. almost.. but not quite.. lol.. cuz we were TOO FUNNY..

off now to get things done.. I did absolutely nothing yesterday.. and feel the need to get moving ..

Black Sheep

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2 Responses to about my weekend

  1. pondscum1 says:

    I feel better knowing you feel better. That friend you have is a life saver, isn’t she?

    • Black Sheep says:

      My life always seems to be a huge series of ups and downs.. no matter how hard I try to level things out.. and then sometimes it all gets SO BORING I can hardly stand it.. (never happy am I? .. lol) My friend is.. the kind of person you just cannot describe with words.. I would have to use colored sand.. gems.. fireflies.. flowers.. and dozens of un-capture-able things to even begin to describe how great she is and how much she means to me.
      I feel better knowing you feel better.. I think you have all the makings of a great friend..

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