feeling that moment of “pause”

That tiny fraction of a second in which someone or something hesitates.. pauses before an answer or an action..  with some things you have ONLY THAT moment in which you have ONLY that time to act or react.. and other times you can work that moment over and over till you get it right and know it by heart.

this was something we were talking about in Yoga class last night.. a moment of pause when you know you are working a move or pose just right..

and during this class we do a fair amount of talking and I brought up how not only was the pose/movement one that was going to help me in riding..  I related how my mare hikes her head up when I am removing the bridle and tries to spit the bit out.. and how I keep firm pressure on her pol till she hesitates and gives… just ever so slightly that if you are not waiting and feeling for it you miss it… and when she pauses.. it is in that moment I know she will hear me when I say “give.. don’t pull.. relax and don’t fight”  and let’s do this together.. 

and I had one of those moments with my Son not too long ago.. and it has made me aware that I might be missing some “pause” moments with him.. and so I am trying to “give.. don’t pull.. relax and don’t fight”  when it comes to interacting with him.. in hopes that he will feel it also.

and all this makes me wonder how many other “give.. don’t pull.. relax and don’t fight”  moments in the rest of my life I might be missing..

Black Sheep

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3 Responses to feeling that moment of “pause”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good insight here; yes, it applies to all areas of our life!

  2. pondscum1 says:

    With most teens its give…then give more. At least until they leave home and have to learn real life. With my daughter it was that way until, at twenty five, I finally told her she was on her own. And held to my own advise. She has finally seen the light.

    My boy, on the other hand, has always used your method and seldom needs direction.

    Me, I have never learned control and still tend to crisis management. I like your way better.

    • Black Sheep says:

      LOL.. I have PLENTY of “Crisis Management” moments.. I tend to thrive in them.. something I hope to change.

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