I have only been keeping vague track of my workouts..

I have been walking from 2 to 5 miles daily..

Running 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile 2.. 3 times a week..

20 to 40 minutes of Yoga 2..  3 times a week…

I am trying to add riding twice a week..

My calorie intake is between 1400 to 22oo a day..

But frustratingly.. I am not loosing weight..

SO.. I added a few intense hard workouts to my routine  in place of and in addition to the walking..

This morning I did a slight warm up walk.. Then set my treadmill to max incline.. picked up two 10 pound weights and walked 1/4 mile at 3.2 mph.. then reduced the incline to only slight.. grabbed the 5 pound weights and walked 1/2 mile at the same 3.2 mph.. then did 60 “steps” on a stair machine I have.. counting 1 on each left foot step.. then back to the treadmill.. no incline.. no weights.. for a 1/4 mile cool down stroll.

I do plan on doing an easy 2 mile walk later today.. because if I don’t I feel lethargic..

I am going to change up my diet and add 3 high protein no carb days of eating to my week..

and I hope this will jump start my weight loss again.. I still have at least 30 pounds to would think with as active as I am this would not be so damn difficult..

Black Sheep

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2 Responses to Workouts..

  1. Aunt Em. says:

    It seems to take awhile to get the # to leave. About the time you may think why am I doing this, it starts to take a turn for the good. I don’t know how you manage all of that work out time. I get 3-5 miles a day and no time for any thing I care to do. Like sew on quilts.
    Just got back from my 3 miles. Now to stay away from the food. For I like to eat when I get done walking. Thanks for the insentive to keep me walking and eating right.

  2. Michelle says:

    Sometimes you have to take more encouragement from how the clothes fit than from the numbers on the scale. Keep at it; you’re doing great (much better than I am!).

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