I still here.. lol

Still here.. alive and kicking..
Looking for work.. Trying to pack..
Epic and Life changing.
It took me less than a year of writing about my life to SEE just how fucked up all this was..
It took One normal man talking to me like I was normal woman for me to see that I deserved better. (and NO.. I am not and never will be romantically involved with that man,.. My morals and values remain intact)
I am going to move on with my life.. can’t really say that.. I am moving on so I can have a life.. so I can give one to my kids..
I am doing a lot of things and thinking these days.. and so much of it is good.. not much of it can be here on my blog .. yet..
But when I get securely settled I will share more.. not that I won’t post before I move.. lol.. I MISS Blogging.. I miss writing it down..
I just want to do this so that the kids and I stay safe..
and when the time comes.. I hope you will all go with me as we move onto greener pastures and happier times.
There will still be a lot of dealing with my husband as the time goes by.. I have no idea who he will react to this.. or if he will stay in the children’s lives.. so time will tell the tale..
I just wanted to let you all know that I still live and breathe.. and am going forward at the fastest pace I can manage.. 44 is not young.. but it is too damn old to wait any longer or go any slower.
Love you all..
talk to you all soon..
Black Sheep

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3 Responses to I still here.. lol

  1. pondscum1 says:

    Good for you and yours! Please stay safe and know that you can count on the few friends and family that are your rocks. It ain’t going to be easy but right seldom is.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Thank You for your words of support.. I know the ones I get will be few and far between but they will mean much and help me go far. Your right.. It aint gonna be easy.. but HELL.. what the hell has been so far? It can be hard AND I can be happy..
    I know who my friends are in this.. and I will be counting on them.. leaning on them.. crying to and with them.. but most of all.. I know we will be smiling and laughing and just fine at the end of the day..
    Black Sheep

  3. Leanne says:

    44 is young. Good luck.

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