Don’t you DARE!!!!

Don’t you dare judge me!!
you have not walked in my shoes!
You have not slept in my bed.
you have not felt my pain.
you have not lived my life.
18 years in this hell!!
18 years
18 years
18 years
and it is TIME!!
I deserve to have a life!
I deserve to be happy!
I deserve to be the person I was meant to be.
Not many people are strong enough to have carried the burdens I have been carrying for so long and still be sane!!
so don’t you judge my choice to leave
and don’t you judge my reasons for leaving
and don’t you judge what I have waiting for me on the other side of this mess..
and now I am due some happiness.
damn right I am!
wounded little black sheep
( *notes to self.. quit being so judgmental in the deep dark part of the night… it is not helpful)

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One Response to Don’t you DARE!!!!

  1. pondscum1 says:

    Turning this right back on you; Don’t you be so judgmental on yourself! You owe no one any reasons for your actions or explanations for your feelings. Be true, be consistant, show the world the real you emerging. We will follow.

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