So.. A little taste of what I still must deal with. And why I am going.

He called this afternoon and wanted to discuss the WI recall election. He KNOWS that even in the best of times we do not talk politics because he is a crazy ass fucking fanatic!!!

I gave him warning. I was crystal fucking clear!! Told him twice. Then hung up..

In the next 4 hours he called 167 times to the house phone and 89 times to my cell. Never left a message. Just pissed that I refused to listen and be preached at.

This evening I am so damn tired. All I can do is lay here and TRY not to cry. He knows how exhausting this crap is for me. He pretends he does not know. But he knows and just does not care.

Bed time for me soon. Even I’d I have to cry myself to sleep. I am sleeping.

Black sheep

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