Just getting by

So…. Just getting by, one day… Sometimes one
Moment at a time
Packing a bit here and there.
I cannot do much with him still home but I have spent a lot of much needed time with my horse. She came up lame on both fronts after her last Trim and as I suspected we took her too short after going too long between trims and I was partly right She also has a touch of thrush in her white line. So.. I’m treating her for it and keeping her out on soft big grass as much as possible.

I am so stressed and at moments overwhelmed by everything I am grateful for the time with Paris… Time to just relax and try to organize my thoughts..
Lots to do today! But thankfully most of it is phone calls and packing/cleaning.
I did have a very nice visit with my friend/farrier yesterday when she came to check on Paris… She went through something similar to my situation mot all that long ago and it was nice to get her advice and see the understanding on her face and the concern in her eyes when we talked

Off to face my day now…
Muddled and worn
Black sheep

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