lost something

I have had 5 hard days.. and am looking at least a few more till my support is back to where I need it to be.. not to mention 4 weeks.. and then at least 2 more weeks after that.. 6 weeks.. and I wonder how I will survive..
I have NEVER in my life been so stressed.. felt so crazy.. had so many ups and down in my every day..
I have no relief from what I am going through and I have lost my inner peace.
my faith is gone..
I cannot even begin to look for it..
and I have never needed it so bad..
I manage this hour by hour and it is a losing battle.
I am lost today.. and failing..
scared and alone..
lost little black sheep

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One Response to lost something

  1. pondscum1 says:

    Until you can take tangible steps of remove, it will feel like you are not moving at all. Keep your goals and time lines in mind, measure your progress against your goals then reset yourself to achieving them. Doing it the right way is not always pretty but it is the right way.

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