Faith, forward motion, I miss you!

Trying today to let the faith that had found me… Hold on to me. Hoping that is the trick to this survival thing. Letting faith and trust find and hold onto me.
I was grasping…
I was floundering..
Lost and confused and scared to death
Wondering how to find what I lost..
I had to , have to continue to let it find and hold into ME!

Today !
I will do things in forward motion and just let faith hold ME!
Trust that I will be ok no matter what happens.
Believe that I am doing the right thing and that I can manage on my own.
Because after all. I have been alone in everything I do, in everything i have done for many years
It is just leaving my home of 18 years that is shaking me to my core and freaking me out.
I’ll tell ya. For as right what I am doing is, and it is RIGHT. It is hard and scary and the doubt I feel and the everyday ups and downs I have. I have never had my faith in myself so shaken before.

“Faith.. Trust.. Hope”
I can and will surrender to them just for today and believe!

” I reached out my hand last night and waited and I felt his presence for just a moment.. I felt comfort and love and his strength… And I know he will always love me.. He came to me when I needed him so many times and I just need to stop! And reach out. He will come and comfort me just as he always has. I love you old boy. I miss the comfort of your presence. And I will spend less time white eyed and more time with your mare. That seems to be where we find each other the easiest .. Thank you for your strength. It comes when I have none left. ”
The littlest black sheep

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