the way the days pass by




filled with doubt



in a flurry of emotions


very bad




Never in MY LIFE have I dealt with things the way I am now.. But my dad says it is because I am no longer shut down.. I told him it would be easier to go back to not feeling.. no joy.. but no pain either..

but I cannot find my way back to that state.. and am having so much trouble navigating this one..

little black sheep..


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2 Responses to the way the days pass by

  1. pondscum1 says:

    DON’T FIND YOUR WAY BACK! Move forward!

    • Black Sheep says:

      I am trying!!!
      I spent the day adventuring with my friend. I wore tight jeans, my black sheep choppers T-shirt and dark red lipstick.. We spent the day talking and laughing and adventuring in the city
      Tonight will be spent not trying..
      Just praying for more than a few hours if sleep.
      I think I am getting to the “sick of feeling like this” part.
      But at least today I had 8 “normal” hours. And the one I am in is working out ok so far.
      I cannot really ask for much more
      Black sheep

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