Doing. Hell is a commin

Packing a little today
Resting a little
Trying to fix my car
Gonna go pay rent this afternoon!

Husband is due here this afternoon or evening. Fucking plans to stay till Monday !!!!

Tomorrow I have appointment to full out restraining order. I won’t file it yet. I found an attorney who will help me refine the order next week
and GET THIS!! Will help me file divorce. Right away. I was in a 6 month wait list with legal aid!!

Monday till Tuesday afternoon i’m gone to do something fun..

Why you ask am I taking a mini vacation of sorts in the middle of all this?? Because if I don’t I will not make it through.

With or without money.. What i was waiting for. I am leaving the weekend of the 20th. Or early that week.
I must have a move date. For my friends as much as my sanity!!!

Black sheep….trying to help it all fall together as it falls apart…

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4 Responses to Doing. Hell is a commin

  1. pondscum1 says:

    GREAT DOINGS! I am so proud of you! It does my old heart good to see you making the way forward you feel is necessary for your family. And finding an understanding lawyer is a God send. You know it would not have happened if it was not the right thing.

    I would not be a true friend without asking; Is the lawyer helping you also a cowboy? :>)

    • Black Sheep says:

      No more cowboy. Just me, trying to stand in my own 2 feet. Juggling 3 kids and build a new life.
      And YES. The new Atty was a god send. Would not feel in as food a position as I do without her.

  2. pondscum1 says:

    So, OK, a cowgirl. I do not judge. :>)

    • Black Sheep says:

      just me, myself and I.. and 3 kids, 1 cat, 5 dogs, 2 sheep 1 pony and a horse.
      no cowboy necessary.. no cowgirl necessary either.. lol

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