moving days

Moving along and moving on.
working hard, packing and getting things ready to go to my new place.
Got my Mare moved yesterday and she did so great. She has not trailer-ed in 12 years and when I stepped up into the tiny two horse bumper pull trailer she stepped forward and put a foot up! and after a few minutes.. she stepped right in!! I think she knows this is the right thing as much as I do.
Today will be spent packing and getting things clean at new place.. moving stuff and getting the horse and pony out on the new pasture.
I thank god for this opportunity to start over.. to start new.. to have this chance to build something bright and happy with and for myself and kids. “thank you”
I am also eternally grateful for my best friend.. without her moving would take months.. lol.. not days.

I filed for a restraining order against my husband.. and the judge granted me a temp one..
I hate that he sounds so sad.. and lost.. but I gave him 18 years of my life and it is just time for both of us to make new lives.. to move on.. he is a grown up and he will be fine on his own.. and if not.. well I do not owe him my while life.. not when he spent the years I gave him drinking and abusing me.

but see, I am not so hard hearted that I cannot worry about him..

Off I go
things to do
places to be
black sheep is me

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One Response to moving days

  1. pondscum1 says:

    You sound so healthy. Well thought, well made plans and actions look good on you. I wish I was there to see the changes. Your best friend needs to see that this is possible. You are helping untold others with proving your actions. Other risks and rewards will follow and you have proven to yourself that everything is well.

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