crappy but happy

just a few minutes ago..
standing in the hot little kitchen..
in this crappy little mobile home…
listening to Kenny Chesney…
cooking a throw it together dinner..
listening to my kids play..
watching my horse out the window..
despite the pain of a slipped disc and pinched nerves in my back..
I cannot remember being happier..
Black Sheep..
…more than mere survival in this moment

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2 Responses to crappy but happy

  1. pondscum1 says:

    I am thankful you are OK. I heard you went to the ER in Duluth but heard nothing more. How long are the injuries going to keep you down?

    • Black Sheep says:

      i hurt something in my back.. but cant let it keep me down any longer than it already has.. I start at the dairy farm tomorrow.. and go full time milking cows in a few weeks which is just a few hours a day but still.. cash money.. cant pass that up..
      I have ten million things to do and cannot stay in bed any longer.

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