What the hell is wrong with people?

Why am I sad?!??
Just a sheep….
We lost a damn pet we had for 9 years and YEAH. We are all sad.
Other sheep is freaked out alone and the mare is reacting to my emotions. She picks up things that I sometimes don’t even know I’m feeling for pity sake. OF COURSE she is gonna react to my strong emotions !! and not well of course.
And that brat pony follows along.
NO. I can’t just leave them out on pasture. There is a coyote problem here.
People are idiots.
I’m sad.
Everyone is sad
I have had a hell of a few weeks
Reached even my considerable pain tolerance limit.
Gotta go milk cows every milking for 3 days.

I hate people today
That sheep was worth more than almost everyone who calls them self my friend.
HAY YOU. YOU know I don’t mean you.

Missing my black sheep.

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