well.. unexpected..

She as not supposed to get old ad sick and leave me NOW..
Patty came into my live yeas ago when terrible tragedy fell upon our family and healed us.. healed me..
today she let me too early and left me feeling sad and alone. .

rest in peace little patty dog
you came when I could not have became who I am without you..
I am not sure why you left me now..

black sheep

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2 Responses to well.. unexpected..

  1. pondscum1 says:

    Constant reminders that you have made the correct decisions. Your guardian angels are tired, they have worked hard, they require rest. You must now prove to them that their work was not in vain. You should consider replacing them with rescues. Your fallen friends saved you, now you pay back by saving others.

  2. Michelle says:

    Pondscum1 is a very wise soul. And I am a sympathetic one; I KNOW how much it hurts to lose a four-legged friend, for they love us unconditionally, unlike the two-legged variety. I’m so sorry you lost Patty.

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