a year and a month

June 16 2011 I started this blog..

Here I am.. a year and a month later and my life has completely changed.

almost  nothing.. including me.. is the same.

I decided on Feb 20th 2012 I wanted out..I knew I was leaving.. maybe not consciously.. but I look back and I KNEW it was over.. my life in that house and marriage..

I had been pretending to be some one I was not for many years and the me I used to be.. still was deep inside..  could not pretend any more that that life was livable.

6 months to the day of that realization I started moving.

and that brings us to today..

new thoughts swirl in my mind.. and I know this chapter is over and I am writing the next as we speak.

not sure how much i will be coming here much more..

I think this blog did its job..  it saved me..

maybe it just time for something new..

message me.. I think I have something better waiting for all of us..

in any case.. “thank you’ blog and readers for being here in the past 13 months.

Black Sheep.. grazing on greener pastures already.

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3 Responses to a year and a month

  1. pondscum1 says:

    I am honored that you trusted me enough to let me see into you. I have learned much. Maybe I am a better person just by watching you become one.

    Love yourself. And if ever in my area, love me.

  2. Michelle says:

    I would love to follow along with the next chapter. Perhaps a new blog?

    • Black Sheep says:

      michelle, I’d be honored to have you come with me.. email me. I’ll send you the link to my new blog.. it is as different and the same as I am already.. lol..

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