About me

It is June of 2011 and the current state of things are as follows…..

I am 43, I live on a 60 acre farm somewhere in MN.. I am A full-time Mom with 4 kids, ranging in age from 20, 13, 9 and a –super surprise– almost 3-year-old..I sure spaced them out….only the 3 youngest still live at home..   I am a grandmother.. but due to things I cannot control.. I do not get to see my grandson.. but I hope to change that one day.. (Love you little guy)

I have a huge Appaloosa Quarter Horse cross mare and I love love love her.   I AM BOSS MARE..  I have a pony for my younger children.  I have a white sheep and a black sheep.. and I adore my sheep.  I have 5 personality filled dogs and one brain-damaged Siamese cat.. but that crazy cat sure can catch the mice…

I Spin wool and various other fibers into yarn on a spinning wheel.. I am self taught.. I have been crocheting for over 20 years and am self-taught and I am going to teach myself how to weave on small lap looms.. I want to learn to knit.. but me and pointy sticks.. not gonna happen..

I have Relapsing/Remitting MS. This is a Huge part of my life and I keep trying to make it the smallest part..

I hunt and shoot as often as I have the time for.. keep that in mind.. You know who you are.

I went to school for Law enforcement before I had children and worked in Private Security and then I spent some years working as a Waitress.. Lets just say.. I took just NO crap from unruly customers.. And I know how to take care of myself and my family very very well.. I used to raise show dogs and I spent years breeding Parrots.. I also rescued unwanted parrots..

Oh yea.. I am married to a man who is on the Autism Spectrum, he has a condition called Aspergers..     —Many describe living with someone with Aspergers  as “water torture.” It is the constant drip, drip, drip of small thoughtless behaviors that destroys the relationship. The lack of eye contact, the obsessive/compulsive behaviors,  the self-absorption,  all lead to family members feeling like they just cannot connect with their Asperger family members. But it isn’t always the unusual behaviors that make the connecting difficult, but the inconsistency. Never knowing what is coming next, makes not just a loving connection but sometimes ANY meaningful connection very difficult.—–      I cope.. I used to cope way better.. I am going to learn to cope better again..

If I think of anything more or interesting I will update.. change and or delete things here.. or not..


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