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HAY..Look… a new page.. I feel like I am moving up a little in the world.. Kinda like when I got that 17 inch window to open in my very first crappy apartment to open 4 inches after living there for 3 months.. Not that my blog is anything like a crappy little apartment.. It is pretty nice and cushy here.. Roomy in fact.. and really smells nice..


For now if anyone feels the need to contact me..

Please do so with a comment on this page..You can leave me an email address if you need me to contact you..

( If you are the lottery and are trying to give me one of those big checks.. come right to my house.. my hair looks like crap these days.. after all that is a criteria for getting one of those big checks on camera.. right?)


I am working on setting up a direct email account for my blog.. I am apparently just not as smart as I thought I was a few minuets ago when I started this page.. go figure..

I Will check this page for Contact me comments regularly and update it with an email as soon as I can..

Black Sheep



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